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Centurions Toys and Cartoon


I would like to THANK Nick R Filippelli for his pictures of his FANTASTIC Centurions Collection.

Looking GOOD!




Centurions miscellaneous

Here on this section are some other Centurion related items, these organisations were not a direct threat to Kenner but could help in increasing the initial toy line sales.

D.C. Comics: These comics were made for the American market, to attract interest in the cartoon and figure line. They were Only 4 Comics produced.


Centurions comics by Manchester based London Editions: The initial 4 U.S. comics had the same story line as the English ones, However London Editions went on to create another 6 issues (10 in Total) before its cancelation.


Stationary Sets (UK): These Centurions Stationary sets were intended for the UK market only.


HG TOYS: HG designed many items for the Centurions line, these included Twin Laser Cannon set, as well as the Communications Pack which made sounds and featured flashing lights. HG also made their own version of dress up costumes (NOT PICTURED) featuring the 3 main characters which included helmets and a exo frame that you could attach your weapon on.


SPECTRUM AND COMMADORE CENTURIONS GAME: 1987 Ariolasoft designed 2 games for the Spectrum and Commadore, unfortunately due to the decline in the Centurions, these wonderful Computer games never saw the love they deserved.


World International Publishing LTD UK: This was a publisher based in Manchester (UK) that produced 4 mini comic books that included a story telling cassette, they also sold the mini books separately at a cost of 99p. World International also made 2 Annuals, but what is interesting is that both are dated 87 and 88 which outlasted the toy line and the cartoon series. It is believed that the 88 annual is the last piece of Centurions memorabilia.


Golden Books: These were a range of activity books intended for the American market, they ranged from colouring, sticker and puzzle books etc. Terror for President did include a story Cassette as well as Terror Island (Not Pictured).


THERMOS Lunch Box and Flask (U.S. & UK) Pictured below is a Centurions Thermos Lunch Box and Flask of the U.S. version. The other picture is that of the English Version Thermos Lunch box and Flask. The last picture is a Thermos Bag which only was available in the U.S.


IMPULSE: this was a unique stance on the Centurions licence, with these items you could take your imagination to the next level. The line included Mega Binoculars, this was a 6inch Ace McCloud figure with a Binocular set attached to his back. The other item in the line was a flashlight figure of Doc Terror. This was a 6inch figure with a flashlight moulded in the chest cavity.

The other lines included a mini flashlight, these were 2inch figures of the 3 main characters with a battery operated mini flashlight attached to their backs. The figures also included a stand and a couple of accessories that could be removed.

The other Line was a Mini binocular set which consisted of the 3 main characters, it used the same 2inch figures as the mini flashlight, the difference being they had mini binoculars attached to their backs. They came in the same packaging that included a stand and a couple weapon system accessories.

The Best in the line in my opinion was the Centurions wrist watches, these were FANTASTIC, as well as telling the time, you could remove the figure from the watch strap to carry on your adventures while on the go, the watches also came with a little box that contained a little Assault weapon system (AWS) that you could put on your figure. The line consisted of the 3 main characters, unfortunately the little AWS were so little that they were easily lost.

DSCF2305[2] DSCF2308[2] DSCF2309[1] DSCF2311[1]DSCF2219[1]DSCF2315[1]

ARCO: This was another twist in the tail of Centurions products. These Centurions items were designed for kids with the outdoor attitude. Arco mainly produced Centurions items that attached to your bike., With features that included Flashing lights and Sounds. Arco products featured, Wild Weasel Horn, Ace McCloud Rear View Mirror, Jake Rockwell’s Bike Shield with Lights and Sounds, Sky Bolt Headlight with Ace McCloud as the Bike clip, Centurions Turbo Thruster which made sounds the faster you peddle and Tidal Blast Bike Light with Max Ray as the bike clip. They also made a depth Charger Horn not pictured.


ARCO also made Glow in the Dark Key Chains that featured Ace McCloud and Doc Terror, they also produced a Ace McCloud compass set as well as Pencil top Erasers that featured the 3 Main Characters and the 2 main bad guys.


View Master: Back in the 80’s View master took the Centurions licence and used for their own use. If you had a View Master you could purchase a pack of 3 Reels, which featured 3D imagery of the Centurions. However if you did not already have a View Master, you could purchase the Centurions View Master set, which included the same 3 Reels. The Pink carded 3Reels were for the U.S. Market while the Yellow Carded set was for the UK. The View Master set was sold in the U.S. and UK. View Master also produced a Centurions Show Beam Cartridge (NOT PICTURED) which projected images on any surface.


Hanes Knit Wear: Hayes designed boys briefs to accommodate the certain cartoons including the Centurions. Pictured are a pack of Centurions Boys Briefs.


UNIDENTIFIED: These Cool Ace McCloud Glasses were purchased in the UK. Unfortunately I have no Back ground on these but I assume that these BAD BOYS were part of a set.


HI-FLIER Manufacturing co: Hi Flyer produced Kites, here pictured we see an Ace McCloud Keel Kite featuring Ace McCloud with Sky bolt AWS. There also is another Centurions Keel Kite featuring all 3 Centurions (NOT PICTURED)


ROSSMOR Industries, Inc: I do not have a lot of information around this company but what is evident is that they produced Bennie’s that featured the 3 main characters (NOT PICTURED) and Doc Terror.


IDEAL: Pictured below is a Jake Rockwell Battery inter-com telephone set, its features included a flip up head and signal buzzer. As far as I am aware they only produced Jake Rockwell and it was only manufactured and distributed in the UK, through Kenner Parker Toys, Durham Industries.


CENTURIONS WALL CLOCK: These clocks were only made in the UK and featured array of other cartoon characters. Pictured below is a Centurions wall clock featuring Doc Terror. It would of been in a cardboard surround when new.


Children’s Library: Picturerd below are UK versions of the Centurions on Video, they only produced 2 videos with 2 episodes on each, even though they were 65 episodes in total. They also made 2 U.S. version of the video featuring 2 episodes on each (NOT PICTURED). There was also available in the U.S. a Centurions Video with all 4 episodes.


This is a picture of a U.S. sales counter talker, these would of been used and displayed in video stores to help promote the Centurions Video.



Centurions Boxed Variants

There are many boxed variants of the Centurions figures and Assault weapon systems (AWS), these included packaging for U.S. French/Canadian, English and Money Off.

The English Versions were made in Coalville, Leicestershire, (a Sub Contractor used by Kenner) the Boxes were rectangular in shape, with the POWER X TREME logo being removed. The Bio of the figure could be cut out and used for a badge.

The Money Off Offer was to boost sales for the declining Centurions line.

Ace McCloud, U.S. Version


Ace McCloud, English Version


Max Ray, English Version


Dr Terror, Money Off Offer.(ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.)


Dr Terror, English Version


Centurions Assault Weapon Systems (AWS) Boxed Variants

Jake Rockwell’s Hornet AWS, Also know as Frelon  (French/Canadian Version)


Max Ray’s Depth Charger and Tidal Blast, English version. Please note the boxes being a blue colour with green board.


Ace McCloud’s Skybolt and Orbital Interceptor U.S versions.



Centurions Prototypes and Test Shots

centurions[1] Sky Bolt Test Shot

DSCF0647[1]Test shots of Tidal Blast, Max Ray and Sk Bolt.

DSCF0651[1]Test shots of Power pack, Depth Charger.DSCF0654[1]

DSCF0908[1] Random Test shots

DSCF0656[1] Rex Charger Prototype Head (Painted)

IMG_9818[1][1]IMG_9819[1][1]IMG_9821[1][1]Fathom Fan Launcher (Mould)

Here are the crème de la crème Rex Charger and John Thunder Prototypes. When I purchased these figures they were contained in Hong Kong Baggies. After doing some research, Kenner use to ship around 200 figures (each) to be tested for safety and to meet safety regulations, such things would of included testing for stress, tolerance and fire to name but a few.

DSCF2201[1]DSCF2202[1]DSCF2203[1] The Rex Chargers head, pictured above is a darker skin colour than the full Rex Charger which seems a lot pale.


12442871_10205257050616317_932300740_n 12767568_10205257050456313_1966986912_n (1) 12788003_10205257050496314_1412291432_n

Here is a FANTASTIC example of a John Thunder Prototype. As you can see, it is a stunning piece with vibrant colours. I would like to Thank Dennis Minjoot for sharing these wonderful Pictures.


History Behind the Power X Treme

After having the FANTASTIC opportunity of speaking with one of the original toy designers who worked on the Centurions figure line.

1) The Centurions concept was to have the action figure be the main driver of the line without expensive plastic vehicles and playsets.

2) Hackers original name was Half Mad.

3) Jake Rockwell is based on Harrison Ford.

4)) Max Ray was 100% based on Tom Selleck.

Here is a first concept drawing of what the Centurions were going to look like. Please note Max is Land and Jake is Sea Operations.


Kenner Toy Fair 1987 Catalog.

The Centurions 1986 Toy Fair Catalog


1987 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog ” The Heat Goes On ”


1987Kenner135_M[1]HI there Centurions fans, if you look at the 87 Kenner catalog page 87 you will see Rex Charger in Gatling Guard. However, this is not the case, because if you look hard enough you will see that it is a Max Ray painted as Rex Charger. WHY? I wish I knew.

Centurions Toys and Action Figures

Welcome to my Centurions Blog, fellow Centurions fans. Firstly, a little bit about myself, my name is Anthony and I have been a fan of the show and figure line since 1985. I am rather proud of my collection of Centurions memorabilia, and I am always on the lookout for Centurions items, and overall knowledge of the history behind the creation of the toy line as well as the cartoon.

This Blog is set up to provide information on one of the BIGGEST toy lines that unfortunately never was. This blog hopefully will also connect Centurions fans with each other, so that the Centurions creation lives on and never forgotten.



Centurion 1

I am currently looking for the following toys (preferably boxed and in nice condition)

Jake Rockwell

Swingshot Weapons System

and (hopefully) factory prototypes such as:

Rex Charger

John Thunder

I will pay a fare price for the above toys, but if you are also a collector, I would be interested to hear from you anyway.

Contact me at:



Here is a simple modification to your Centurions Action Figures Helmets.